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August 15, 2006



omg! You were totally a flirt!! LOL! Look how cute you are!

Wish my man would bring me a cupcake every now and then! I'm so jealous!

WTG on getting tWO layouts done! We need to have a speed scrap session one day, huh?


I love your layouts! And you're not slow - you just have a lot of detail in your pages so it makes you effective and interesting! Seriously, I love that! That 'Why' layout is uber-awesome!


So lovin the pjs and nightie on you two!! You are so cute in that photo... Hey, I bet he doesn't bring his wife cupcakes, so you got a better deal anyway-right? :)

Have a great week!



I know you just got home and have important things to do, but I tagged ya, LOL!!

Jen Harr

That's why you're so good at scrapping--because it takes you so long! What great layouts!!!

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