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August 08, 2006



I hope you've been having a blast with all that free time on your hands. I get paranoid sometimes, too. Maybe I should go into complete hiding. Hmmmm..

AWESOME layouts!!


Doesn't sound crazy at all! I know I've thought about using mine and came up with the same reasons not too. I don't even use my "real" name as a designer, LOL!! Awesome layouts of course and I'm glad to hear that your guys are having a fun time!

Jen Harr

Hey you! OH, MY! LOVE your layouts--you seriously are one of my favorites! Every page seems to have that new, different something that is super creative! OK-- Now I'm kind of freaked out because my username is jharr. Hmmmmmm, wondering if I should change it? Ackkk!
I really hope all is way fun for your hubby & son!! HUGS

Emily aka SheScraps

Oh I'm sorry I'm so behind on my blog reading! Better late than never though, right? LOL You know I've been telling myself that I need to go around and delete some layouts from gallery's that I don't hang out at also. For whatever reason, it bugs me to think that my layouts are just taking up space at a community that I don't participate at. Anyway, you know I love your layouts! Espcially the first Summer one! I just love it!!

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